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Our Practice Values

At Dr. Dan’s Dentistry we are committed to providing you with the very best care possible. For us to achieve this, we utilize the following:

Minimally invasive dentistry is an approach to dental treatment that minimizes harm to healthy tooth structure and reduces the need for extensive dental procedures. This is achieved by using advanced technology and techniques that allow for more precise diagnoses, planning and execution of treatments. The goal of minimally invasive dentistry is to provide effective, long-lasting dental care with less discomfort and a faster recovery for the patient.

BPA-free dentistry refers to the use of dental materials and products that are free from Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly used in the production of various dental and medical products. BPA has been linked to potential health risks, and therefore, many dental professionals now opt for BPA-free alternatives to minimize their patients’ exposure to this chemical. BPA-free dentistry includes the use of BPA-free dental fillings, sealants, composites, and orthodontic materials, among others. This approach to dentistry helps to create a safer and healthier environment for both patients and dental professionals.

Mercury-free dentistry refers to the practice of using alternative materials and techniques in place of traditional silver-colored fillings, which contain the toxic metal mercury. Mercury-free dentists focus on using materials that are biocompatible, safe, and more aesthetically pleasing, such as composite resin, ceramics, and glass ionomers.

Mercury-free dentistry not only eliminates the potential health risks associated with mercury but also provides patients with a more natural and aesthetically pleasing solution for their dental needs. In addition, many mercury-free techniques and materials used by Dr. Dan are also more conservative and less invasive, helping to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

Low-dose radiation in dentistry refers to the use of X-rays and other imaging techniques in dental procedures that emit a minimal amount of radiation. This is achieved through the use of advanced digital X-ray equipment and techniques that are designed to minimize exposure to radiation while still providing high-quality images.

In traditional dental X-rays, film or sensors are used to capture images of the teeth and surrounding tissues, which are then developed and analyzed by a dentist. Digital X-rays, on the other hand, use digital sensors to capture images that are instantly displayed on a computer screen. The images produced by digital X-rays are of higher quality, and the amount of radiation exposure required is significantly less than that required for traditional film X-rays.

Digital dentistry refers to the use of advanced technology and digital tools in the field of dentistry, such as digital X-rays, digital impressions, CAD/CAM technology, and other digital solutions that are used to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of dental treatments.

One of the main advantages of digital dentistry is that it allows dentists to take and analyze digital X-rays and impressions quickly and easily, without the need for traditional film or physical impressions. This results in more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments, as well as a more comfortable experience for patients.

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OUR Team

Our team has over 1,000 hours of advanced training, 10 plus years of passionate caring pediatric dentistry, and well over 80,000 patient visits. We have over 5,000 current, active patients who all experience our emphasis on minimally invasive treatment that optimizes results and minimizes pain.

OUR Treatment Promise

We’ll work together to get to know your goals and obtain your trust. We’ll work to ensure you are delighted with the outcome of your child’s dental visit.

YOUR Easy Financial Solution

At Dr. Dan’s, we accept most insurance with the exception of Medi-cal and HMOs. We have exclusive promotions for new patients, including a free benefit check. We also feature a new-patient special for parents without insurance and offer a robust membership plan.


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